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Patiens & Client Testimonials

  • in 1994, a home healthcare representative made me realize that no matter what I have I can be a person and have a life. He taught me how to live with hemophilia and that it wasn’t such a bad thing…homecare taught me how to live again.Thank you HF Healthcare for caring about me and my community. I appreciate all you provide.

    Ron C. Patient

  • I have had several home healthcare companies make [similar] mistakes. I am thankful that I have finally found a company that specializes in my condition.

    Having a home healthcare company that understands my needs has allowed me to live a much healthier life. I feel more secure then ever and now that I have a dependable source of medication, I am able to manage my symptoms a lot better which not only benefits me but also helps lower the cost to my insurance provider.

    Patrick B. Patient

  • HF Healthcare approached us about producing programming about bleeding disorders in order to help the public understand the complexities of the disease. Although this industry is filled with companies that make billions of dollars, it was a small, focused company that really helped us to understand how important hemophilia and Von Willebrands really is.

    Roland Perez Executive Producer, American Health Journal

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