HF Healthcare will be a national leader in bleeding disorder communities and a leading local specialty retail pharmacy in the Southern California Area.


HF Healthcare is dedicated to implementing strategies that maintain long-term relationships with our team and customers through our core values.

Core Values

We’re More Than A Specialty Pharmacy

HF Healthcare (HF) specializes in hemophilia home care and the treatment of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. We know that no two patients are alike; each patient is unique and has different needs. That is why we provide a personalized one-on-one approach to support the clinical, psychosocial, financial, and administrative needs of our patients.

Our care is performed in accordance with pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plan carriers, physicians, and payers. At HF, our team is educated and knowledgeable about hemophilia, bleeding disorders and their concomitant therapies.

Our team builds and maintains long-term relationships with the patients that they serve. We understand that high touch level of care leads to optimal outcomes that are both good for the patient and the payer.

High Touch Service

As a national leader in the bleeding disorder community, HF Healthcare (HF) is committed to providing anti-hemophilic clotting factor, supplemental prescriptions and other important supplies to patients in an efficient expedited manner.

Thus, HF maintains our goal of improving the patient’s quality of life while ensuring fiscal responsibilities. We have primarily maintained focus on one disease state, bleeding disorders, to ensure our patients receive the best quality of care.

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Affiliates & Accreditations

Our licensed specialty pharmacy is located in Ventura County in California. In addition to providing our bleeding disorder patients their medication, our specialty pharmacy is also open to public and is accredited by CHAP.

We also support and work close with our local Hemophilia foundations by donating funds to promote education and outreach to the bleeding disorder community and sponsoring events that are held in our local community.