As an individual with a bleeding disorder, you may have concerns and want to know about the opportunities HF Healthcare (HF) has for you. We understand that all patients have unique needs and it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We service patients who are very young to fully grown adults and offer special services to meet each individual or family’s needs. Our primary goal is to empower our patients as mentors.

We’re More Than A Specialty Pharmacy

We are continuously reaching out to our patients with information, research and support with social media. We offer at home and in the community educational and social events. We have hosted surfing classes, camping trips to Tahoe, and fish excursions to keep patients connected and active. Our patient advocates and employees attend meetings in Sacramento and participate in legislative matters that advocate specifically for the needs of bleeding disorder patients.

Keeping You Out of the Hospital is Our Main Priority

HF Healthcare (HF) arranges skilled nursing by nurses that have experience in treatment and wound management for this disease state. Our staff and patient advocates are available 24 hours a day to meet any emergent needs that might arise. We offer transportation to appointments and community events. HF is committed to getting factor to you when you need it, regardless of the circumstances.

Customized Medication & Supply Delivery

HF Healthcare obtains and ships home infusion therapies to your home and customizes the order to your specific needs. Unique ancillary supplies, vitamins and oral medications can be sent to your home by your request. We have a staff that listens to patients needs and finds ways to create solutions.

Stages of Life

Children and Families

Let us mentor your children and others members of the family with a bleeding disorder. Education is one of our main priorities for our patients, which is why we produce new educational material for our patients every quarter. Click here to view our How To Guides. We have fun too, by participating in annual bleeding disorder summer camps and attending special events or trainings that are hosted by local chapters, foundations and organizations.

Teens and Young Adults

Let us help your teen or young adult transition in to high school or college and accept their bleeding disorder. We provide educational material to all of our patients to help them better their lives by eating healthy, finding the right support, and doing well in school. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency situations but to also provide support to our patients.


Let us help you with the trials of daily life as a person with hemophilia. We can assist you with various therapy choices, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with emergency situations.



  • Our community liaisons create events for the whole family that promote healthy activities and bonding opportunities.
  • We are continually involved in our teens and young adults with bleeding disorders.
  • We provide free quarterly app downloads, nutritional education, healthy recipes, and exercise videos with our medication deliveries.


  • You can enroll in an optional fifteen day prescription plan on new medications to make sure it’s working for you.
  • We coordinate in home nursing with licensed medical professionals when needed.
  • We provide 24/7 live contact and emergency service with a real person who is familiar with your health history.

Connection & Service

  • We offer one-on-one phone calls with you and our insurance and billing specialists to walk you through the steps.
  • We deliver your medication where and when you like and you can customize your supplies & equipment.
  • We continually provide:
  • – transportation to your appointments.
  • – education to your day care or school.


  • Free care monitoring website access at CareTogether.com so your nurses, doctors, and family can communicate with each other. caretogether.com
  • Doctor and medication reminders are sent right to your email, smart phone, or a personalized phone call to you.
  • We publish the latest news and research regarding the disease state.

For more information on our services or the MIRA Plus Program, click here to contact us.