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Specialty Pharmacy


We are continuously reaching out to our patients with information, research and support with social media.

In-Home Nursing

We arrange skilled nursing by nurses that have experience in treatment and wound management for this disease state.

Customized Medication & Supplies

We obtain and ship home infusion therapies to your home and customize the order to your specific needs.


We understand that all patients have unique needs and it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.


We work with doctors, nurses, and treatment centers to insure the best possible patient outcome.


We are continually looking at all the ways we can keep the rising costs of healthcare to a minimum.


Which Activities Burn the Most Calories?

Ever wonder which activities burn the most calories? Not all activities burn the same amount of calories — you will be surprised which ones are the best.

Mother Administers Hope to Three Sons With Hemophilia

Danielle Suchla said she did not know she was a carrier of the hemophilia gene. But soon after her first child was born, she knew something was wrong.

3 Do’s Before You Even Think About Exercising

What if there was something that could be done to reduce the number of bleeds due to exercising?

Starting the New Year With a Healthy Perspective

With a new year comes new changes with possibilities of growth. One major thing that will remain is…

The Truth About Juicing

A new fad has come out of the wood work lately that celebrities and health nuts seem to be raving about…

Better Treatment for Patients

The Hemophilia Federation has said that though the number of patients has increased in the state, we don’t have proper treatment.

Children’s Hospital Funds Gene Therapy

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has invested $50 million in a new biotech start-up.

FDA Issues Review for Hepatitis C Drug

The FDA issued a positive review for a highly anticipated hepatitis C drug.

Riviera Beach Hemophilia Boy Missing

Police in Riviera Beach are looking for a missing 13-year-old boy with hemophilia after he did not return home.

Novo Nordisk Receives FDA Approval for Novoeight

Novo Nordisk announced that the FDA has approved its Biologics License Application.


  • in 1994, a home healthcare representative made me realize that no matter what I have I can be a person and have a life. He taught me how to live with hemophilia and that it wasn’t such a bad thing…homecare taught me how to live again.

    Thank you HF Healthcare for caring about me and my community. I appreciate all you provide.

    Ron C. Patient

  • Having a home healthcare company that understands my needs has allowed me to live a much healthier life. I feel more secure than ever and now that I have a dependable source of medication, I am able to manage my symptoms a lot better which not only benefits me but also helps lower the cost to my insurance provider.

    Patrick B. Patient

  • HF Healthcare approached us about producing programming about bleeding disorders in order to help the public understand the complexities of the disease. Although this industry is filled with companies that make billions of dollars, it was a small, focused company that really helped us to understand how important hemophilia and von Willebrand [disease] really is.

    Roland Perez Executive Producer, American Health Journal

Accreditations & Affiliates

  • California Pharmacist Association
  • Health Resources and Services Association
  • Hemophilia Foundation of SoCal
  • Hueneme Family Pharmacy
  • Hemophilia Council of California
  • CHAP